Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Basic Guidelines to Remember

Here are some simple guidelines to help improve your photography and come up with better images. These will be followed by more hints and guidelines in postings to come.

Simplify the Shot

Define your subject and avoid distractions. Oftentimes this just means moving in closer and filling the frame! This way you will be able to eliminate distracting backgrounds and draw attention to the subject.

Remember the Rule of Thirds

This is a strategy that pleases the eye, oftentimes without really knowing why. It basically means dividing the image into thirds both horizontally and vertically. This provides four points of intersection. Placing the subject at any one of these points of intersection makes for a more pleasing image.

Follow the Lines

The human eye instinctively follows lines, so anytime they can be included in an image, they can make for a more compelling shot. The secret, however, is being sure the lines emphasize rather than detract from the subject. They should lead the viewer’s eye to the subject. There are diagonal lines, curved lines, s-curved lines, converging lines, and even triangles.

More to Come

Look forward to more hints and guidelines in future postings. Until then, happy shooting!

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lovely tips sir

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